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Heyco Halogen-Free Self Extinguishing 94V-0 Hole Plugs

Heat Stabilized! Self Extinguishing! Non-toxic! UV Resistant!
  • Molded from a nylon material which, in the event of a fire will not burn and will not produce toxic gases. It it also formulated for sunlight resistance. Other Heyco products are available in this material-please consult Heyco.
  • Closes unneeded panel holes.
  • Convex, matte finsih head tapers to a thin edge (Except HFP-187 glossy finish).
  • Sixteen sizes for use in 3/16" (4,7mm) to 2" (50,8mm) diameter holes. Consult Heyco for larger sizes.
  • Locks firmly into panel up to 1/8" (3,2mm) thick.
  • Quick and easy installation.

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