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Product Profiles
3M VHB™ Tapes

AVK AL Series Insert

For 25 years, engineers have been specifying 3M™VHB™Tapes to permanently bond and seal many metals, plastics, and other surfaces for increased productivity, high strength, long term durability, and improved appearance.

Now imagine where you can go in a world without rivets, screws, and welding.

  • Your designs would be sleeker: seamless.
  • Major equipment could be eliminated: labor and materials could cost less.
  • The finished product, overall, could be lighter, quieter, and more efficient.

Best of all, you would be freed from the restraints of working with mechanical fasteners. You could design projects the way you want. You could join dissimilar materials and set new standards for strength and aesthetics. You can dream it, design it, and produce it - just the way you want it - by replacing your mechanical fasteners with 3M VHB tape.

Flexible, durable, versatile, and strong. 3M VHB tape will allow you to conceive projects you care about... and achieve results you've dreamed about.


  • Bond on contact with no drying time or fixturing
  • Save processing steps and cost for drilling, screwing, welding, clean-up, and refinishing
  • Easy-to-apply with minimal training and no investment in expensive application equipment


  • Bond with high holding strength for static and dynamic loads indoors and out
  • Distribute stress evenly over a greater area unlike concentrated stress points of rivets and screws


  • Viscoelasticity absorbs shock and flexing for long-term reliability against impact, vibration, gravity, and thermal expansion/contraction
  • Seal against the environment


  • Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth and clean to enhance design and appearance
  • Join a wider variety of materials, even dissimilar materials, for high impact visual combinations

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