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Product Profiles
3M Aerosol Adhesives - Bonding at the touch of a finger

AVK AL Series Insert

Aerosol Adhesives for paper, plastic, foam, metal, wood, and more.

Convenience and Speed
With any 3M aerosol adhesive you have a fistful of bonding power that goes to the job. Only a finger’s touch puts a job-matched formulation to work on a wide variety of materials. There are no glue brushes to maintain and no half-empty, sticky cans to collect dirt.

3M introduced the first industrial aerosol adhesives about 40 years ago, and now you can select from a wide range of performance and application benefits. For example, controlled spray patterns of most 3M aerosols help minimize overspray, clean-up, and unused adhesive. 3M Foam Fast 74 and Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesives are also in cylinders for higher volume jobs.



As handy self-contained applicators, 3M aerosols save the expense of complex systems. Compact size and storage stability also help reduce storage costs. Both aerosol and cylinder provide higher solids content than a comparable volume of canned solvent-based adhesive. The bottom line – you get more usable adhesive for your money.

From mattresses to counter tops and more, 3M aerosol and cylinder adhesives are proven “power tools” for industrial assembly and maintenance.

3M aerosol adhesives contain no methylene chloride, CFCs, or 1,1,1-trichlorethane.

Product Key Features Application Ideas
Blue 72
Spray Adhesive
• Repositionable pressure sensitive
• Aggressive tack for fast assembly
• Low soak-in for long lasting bonds
• Controlled variable width spray pattern
• Bond carpet to wood
• Repair jute-backed carpet
• Bond polyethylene film or foam
• Temporary holding of fabric
• Bond swimming pool liners
• Seal polyethylene under concrete
• Attach inner packing in packages
FoamFast 74
Spray Adhesive
• Reaches foam-tearing strength
• Fast tack for fast assembly
• Soft, non-dimpling glue line
• Controlled variable width spray pattern
• General upholstery foam bonding
• Attach sound damping foam to metal
• Knife edge bonding for foam shapes
• Forming foam shapes by boxing
• Forming foam shapes by edge turning
• Bond fabrics to aircraft interiors
• Core starting for mattress pad fabric
Repositionable 75
Spray Adhesive
• Repositionable temporary bonding
• Adheres in seconds
• Resists staining and wrinkling
• Clear, smooth glue line
• “Third hand” for lightweight materials
• Temporary label attachment
• Hold emblems during stitching
• Hold T-shirts during silk screening
• Create a template or pattern
• Hold temporary paper masking
• Picture matting
Hi-Tack 76
Spray Adhesive
• Strong, one-surface bonds
• High temperature resistance
• Bonds to polyethylene and polypropylene
• Controlled variable width spray pattern
• Attach nameplates
• Bond pipe insulation wrap
• Seal polybags
• Bond door fabric in vans
• Attach pool table fabric
• Attach fabric to pottery base
Super 77
Spray Adhesive
• High coverage for general purpose
• Versatile for bonding many materials
• Long bonding range
• Low soak-in for long lasting bonds
• Variety of POP applications
• Bond gaskets in water pumps
• Attach decorative foils and films
• Bond fabric to foam
• Fasten motor coil wrapper
• Attach grinding discs
• Attach fabric to bulletin boards
• Assemble easel-backed cards
Rubber & Vinyl 80
Spray Adhesive
• Fast neoprene-based contact adhesive
• Plasticizer-resistant
• Durable, high temperature resistant
• Low misting precise spray
• Bond all rubbers except EPDM
• Bond most supported vinyl, leather
• Bond rigid PVC to rigid PVC
• Adhere many plastics and laminates
• Attach rubber insulation to pipes
• Attach door gaskets
Hi-Strength 90
Spray Adhesive
• High strength contact bond
• One-minute dry time
• High temperature resistance
• Controlled variable width spray pattern
• Bond decorative laminate
• Bonding kick plates to desks
• Attach plastic letters to wood
• Bond countertop edge banding
• Bond fabric to particle board
• Adhere polyethylene and
• Bond countertop edge banding polypropylene to metal or wood

NOTE: The technical information and data above should be considered representative or typical only, and should not be used for specification purposes.

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