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AVK A-L Series Installation Steps and Video

(The video download may take a few minutes, please be patient. While you're waiting please review the installation steps below.)

< If you have problems viewing the video, try this link. You will have the option to save the file to disk, to view as many times as you like.

Step 1
The operator 1/4 turns the AVK fastener on to the tool mandrel and places it into the hole. He then presses the top trigger on the tool and the AVK part installs.

Step 2
In the demo video the operator is installing the AVK fastener into two different material thickness'. This is the key benefit of the AVK System. You are able to install our products into single, variable or multiple thickness materials without tool adjustment.

Step 3
During installation the AVK fastener expands within the hole Filling The Hole. This assures excellent spin out resistance and is a feature unique to AVK fasteners.

Step 4
Once hole fill is complete the AVK fastener forms its backside flange behind the parent material and the tool stalls.

Step 5
The operator reverses the tool and proceeds to attach the mating component using the appropriate mating hardware. The entire installation sequence of the AVK fastener takes 3 seconds or less.

AVK fasteners are designed to be installed right on your assembly line either before or after paint or finish is applied to your product. This saves space and improves process flow. This is another impressive feature of AVK to consider.

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