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Product Profiles
Bivar Conductive Insert™ Card Guides

The Low Cost Solution to Grounding Problems

Bivar Conductive Insert card guidesBivar's new patent-pending Conductive Insert card guides are ideal for grounding all computer peripherals, accessories, and removable media, including hard drives. Conductive inserts work with all of Bivar's standard snap-in card guides (including Deep Channel, Narrow, Antistatic and Interchangeable) by adding a fully conductive stainless steel insert down the center PCB channel. The insert fully attaches to the guide via a spring loaded retainer, assuring complete contact with PCB circuitry.

It's an excellent way to answer growing concerns about EMI (electromagnetic interference), RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMC (electromagnetic contamination) grounding applications. Bivar's Conductive Insert card guides offer a very efficient and cost-effective alternative to metal and metalized card guides. Stainless steel won't corrode, won't oxidize, has a long shelf life, and will not react with most chemicals and solvents used in the assembly process.

  • Stainless per PIL-S-5059 301 SS 1/2 Hard, Rockwell Hardness 36.0
  • Fully conductive - Less than 10 ohms resistance over 8.0" (.203mm).
  • Works with Bivar: Econ-O-Gide, Temp-O-Gide, Grip-O-Gide, Comp-O-Gide, Narr-O-Gide, and Stat-O-Gide.
  • Prevents ESD (Electrostatic discharge)

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Self-Retaining Screw Spacers Accept #4 - #8 Screws

Bivar Self-retaining Screw SpacersNew unique bi-material, co-extruded, patent pending design enables a soft-core to conform to a variety of screw sizes to make pre-assembly easier and faster, while lowering inventory costs dramatically.

Soft inner-core design assures a snug fit with low insertion forces enabling the spacers to remain preassembled during handling and assembly. The CRS Series provides a dependable solution for awkward assembly steps and lost assembly time.

> Click here for spec illustrations of the CRS Series.

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High Temperature LED Mounts

Handle Demanding Automotive, Outdoor Equipment & Telecommunications Applications

Bivar High Temperature LED MountsNELMH Series is made from 94V-0 compliant PVC alloy, these new high-temperature LED mounts can withstand aboveboard temperatures up to 300F. They're ideal for wave soldering processes and demanding uses such as automotive, outdoor environments, and in-ground electrical power distribution applications, including telecommunications and handheld outdoor instrumentation.

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