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Product Profiles
The Heyco "Double D" Lockit

Heyco Double DHeyco Products, Inc. created the term "Double D" decades ago, as product specifier or installer shorthand. It refers to a circular electrical housing and chassis mounting and cord opening with two opposing flat surfaces. The Double D does double duty. It securely holds electrical wire and cordsets, concurrently sealing the chassis openings. Now the Double D Lockit also prevents a strain-relief bushing or plug from allowing a wire or cordset to dangerously rotate inside an electrical chassis or housing.

With the advent of the Double D Lockit, Heyco introduces the next generation in strain-reliefs: ones which fit existing compact Double D openings, and employ new safety features from Heyco's famous Lockit line of strain-relief bushings.

Heyco's Double D Lockit design allows wire or cordset to be clamped securely within a strain-relief bushing, installed into a mounting panel at a remote location, pulled through safely or installed at a later step in the housing assembly process.

Product Applications:
Heyco Double D Lockit is an evolutionary new double-duty strain-relief bushing. It seals electrical housing and chassis mounting and cord openings. At the same time, it provides lasting strain-relief against wire or cordset twisting, pulling or the forces of gravity in large and small appliances, power tools, consumer and industrial electronics, motor housings and lighting fixtures; any electrical assembly prone to the stresses of pull, push or twist, requiring UL-listed strain-relief. Users of standard strain-relief solutions will immediately appreciate the dual benefits of Heyco's Double D Lockit design.

Product Description:
The Double D Lockit strain-relief bushing is designed to fit into standard Double D openings. Flat sides at both ends of the bushing prevent the Lockit from turning in the opening. This protects current-carrying wires from twisting and from other natural or inadvertent stresses that can cause electrical failure.

Double D Lockit easily snaps into place without need for any tools, adding to installer comfort and safety while reducing assembly time and cost. The Double D Lockit strain-relief has a five-step locking mechanism unique to Heyco, covering chassis ranges to 0.125-inches thick. Sizes are available to fit cords ranging from 0.220- to 0.430-inch diameters.

Double D Lockit locks into place directly onto cords without need for chassis insertion, allowing it to be preassembled onto cords at the shop or jobsite, for additional time and cost efficiency.

Construction & Finishes:
Double D Lockit strain-relief bushings are precision-molded in Heyco's own state-of-the-art U.S. plant of high-impact Type 6/6 nylon. Bushings have a flammability classification of UL 94V-2 and can withstand temperatures up to 125°C. An array of standard colors, and custom matches, are available.

For samples and additional information, please contact the ACF Sales Team at (800) 227-2901.

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