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Hi-Lo® Plus™ Fastener for Plastics

ITW Shakeproof is now shipping volume quantities of the new Hi-Lo® Plus™ fastener for today's more demanding applications in a wide range of engineering plastics. A unique thread configuration reduces stress breakage and increases stripping torque and pullout values.

Compound thread crest angles of 30 deg. lead and 15-45 deg. on the trailing flank distribute bursting forces more efficiently while providing more surface area contact with the plastic material for improved stripping torque performance. See Thread Form Configuration.

Standardization opportunities are increased because the Hi-Lo® Plus™ will effectively increase stripping torque and pullout in both soft and hard materials. As the Hi-Lo® vs. Hi-Lo® Plus™ Drive/Strip Test chart illustrates, the Hi-Lo® Plus™ maintains high tightening torque even as hole sizes increase, thus allowing the use of the same part in several different materials. For example, a user could maintain the same driver torque setting for applications in ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, etc., by varying hole size.

Thus, part count is reduced and piece part prices can decline due to increased volume. Hi-Lo® Plus™ fasteners are available in carbon steel and 400 and 300 series stainless steels. Diameters range from 4-26 to 1/4-16. See Dimensions and Recommended Hole Sizes for details.

For application design assistance, testing samples and pricing, please contact the ACF sales team at (800) 227-2901.

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