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HEYCO - Bell Mouth Strain Relief Bushings

For Round Cables
  • Protects the lifeline of your electric/electronic products by absorbing forces of pull, push, twist, and FLEX.
  • Securely anchors, insulates, and protects cable at panel entry points.
  • Flared "trumpet" exit eases the cable into a lazy bend, prevents sharp bending, and assures longer cable and product life.
  • Please call ACF (800-227-2901) for your needs.
ACF Part Number:
BLACK: HEY-1143, HEY-1226, HEY-1232, HEY-1223, HEY-1220
WHITE: HEY-1144, HEY-1227, HEY-1233, HEY-1233, HEY-1221
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