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HEYCO - Lockit Strain Relief Bushings

For Flat Cables - Rectangular Mounting Hole

US Patent No. 4,913,385
  • Assembly friendly! Independent of insertion into the panel, Lockit Strain Reliefs self-lock onto the cable. Thus, they may be preassembled offline or remote location, for lower installed cost!
  • Lockit Strain Reliefs hold so well they pass the UL pull-out test requirements with or without panel suport.
  • They protect the lifeline of your electric/electronic products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord. And, their rectangular design eliminates the possibility of part rotation under forces of twist.
  • Lockit's three finger design securely anchors into panel as thin as .032" (0,98 mm) and as thick as .157" (4,0 mm) for a neat, clean appearance. Five lockig steps accommodate a wide range of panel thickness. Low profile head satisfies design aesthetics!
  • Standardize panel design! Fill unused Lockit Strain Relief mounting holes with the Heyco Rectangular PLus RP 115-130 (Part No. 1890).
  • Consult ACF for assembly tool information.
  • Please call ACF (800-227-2901) for your needs.
BLACK: HEY-1832 HEY-1836 HEY-1848
WHITE: HEY-1833 HEY-1837 HEY-1849
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