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HEYCO - Right Angle Strain Relief Bushings

For Flat Cables
  • Provides the same protection for your power supply cable as the straight-thru type AND ...
  • Exits the cable flush against the chassis, saving space and directing the cable parallel to the panel.
  • Overcomes space limitations and acts as a back or bottom bumper.
  • Standardize panel design! Fill unused SR mounting holes with Heyco Double "D" Plugs.
  • Please call ACF (800-227-2901) for your needs.
BLACK: HEY-1354 HEY-1361 HEY-1364 HEY-1384 HEY-1424 HEY-1434 HEY-1454 HEY-1464 HEY-1440
WHITE: HEY-1355 HEY-1362 HEY-1365 HEY-1385 HEY-1425 HEY-1435 HEY-1455 HEY-1465 HEY-1441
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