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HEYCO - Strain Reliefs

USR Series-US Patent No. 5,052,643 Foreign Patents

For European Requirements Designed to meet those requirements wherein the Strain Relief device must remain attached to the panel during cable removal or replacement.

  • Captive screw cannot be removed from body during cable removal or replacement. (The screw forces the locking flap against the cable).
  • Reinforcing ribs provide extra strength.
  • Nylon USR-400 series parts may help you comply with IEC Publication #335, CEE #10 and #11; VDE #0720, #0730, and others.
  • Protects your cable against forces of pull, push, twist, and FLEX; prevents use of larger-than-intended cord diameter.
  • Easy panel installation: fingertip pressure locks bushing into 7/8" (22,2 mm) holes with wall thickness up to .125" (3,2 mm).
  • No need for separate cord guard. The busting cord exit features a bell-mouth contour, radiuses at 1-1/2 times the exit hole diameter.
  • USR-40 uses captive metal screw and USR-400/401 uses captive acetyl screw.
  • Please call ACF (800-227-2901) for your needs.
BLACK: HEY-1724 HEY-1726 HEY-1730
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